Security Operations Center-as-a-Service

Managed Detection & Response Services

Praesidium is the strategic cybersecurity management outsourcing partner for companies active in cloud-based, digitally-powered industries. In today’s rapid market shifts and technology advancements, our cybersecurity management services help companies tackle compliance, business continuity, productivity, and profitability issues.
From hands-on technical management to high-performing engineering teams, we make available the right resources that our clients need to grow and prosper. With our support, clients can effectively manage their cybersecurity programs, lower costs, achieve greater efficiency, and advance their IT initiatives and digital transformation programs towards key technical, strategic, and financial milestones.
If you are an ambitious company or institution set to make your mark in the global markets, the Praesidium team would like to learn more about your cybersecurity plans and management challenges, and work as your cybersecurity management partner.

Benefits for our clients

  • Work with flexible teams that meet objectives and drive business results. Seamlessly access the expertise across cybersecurity management roles to trigger innovation, accelerate release cycles, and build reliable, dependable, secure products that make waves.
  • Become more reliable, adaptable, scalable, and secure, and keep up with best-of-breed cybersecurity tools and frameworks.
  • Access fully-customized cybersecurity management outsourcing engagement and delivery plan designed around your business goals and KPIs to speed up projects’ release cycles and bring products to life sooner.
  • Cut costs and improve resource allocation efficiency to boost productivity.
  • Set Value-Based Metrics up to manage Value-Driven Projects: achieve focus, alignment, and engagement with OKRs.