Penetration Testing

With attacks ever evolving and the needs of business, in the digital economy, needing to be more nimble Praesidium have developed a service based of cutting edge technologies, and are all…….


Penetration Testing & Vulnerability Assessment Services

Praesidium uses Penetration Testing to help organizations reach the security confidence they can systematically deal with any security threats, including phishing, malware, or ransomware.
For the cloud exposes all organizations to these threats, it’s just a matter of time before one of them slips through the defense perimeter. Our ethical hackers make sure that our clients are well prepared to properly detect, investigate, and respond at a moment’s notice.
Our Adversarial Security Testing team analyzes your applications, networks, team, security defenses, and response capabilities to identify and remediate security vulnerabilities and risks to your organization. Our services can enhance your security posture, facilitate compliance, and improve operational efficiency.

Cybersecurity services to cover continuously evolving needs

Praesidium’s penetration tests are based on Pcysys platform, and are all custom-tailored to the specific environment and objectives of individual clients, assessing specific aspects of their security program and posture, and the cyber-immunity, resilience and security robustness of their critical systems, networks and applications. We provide:

  • White, grey and black box testing: Through defined methodologies which cover the attack paths taken by real-world hackers, we can perform infrastructure and web application penetration testing across all technology types.
  • A comprehensive, independent, and objective assessment of the business risks associated to technical security vulnerabilities. Our penetration testing team can demonstrate whether and how an attacker can compromise networks and systems.
  • A clear statement of the security risks and priorities to guide the SOC Team fixing the emerging critical issues.
  • Tracking your common IT security technical shortfalls and failings, such that common issues in your network configuration on weak access policies.