Security Assessment & Compliance Verification

Advanced Network Security Assessments

The Praesidium Network Operation Center (NOC) Team evaluates the effectiveness of your existing security controls against reference best practice, and quantifies and describes the risk of your infrastructure to focus on vulnerabilities that matter.

Managing the SOC Visibility Triad

Network Detection & Response (NDR) complements Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) and Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) to achieve a strong cybersecurity posture.
EDR and SIEM do not provide real-time visibility into east-west, or internal, traffic – essential for complete cybersecurity protection.
By working together, NDR, EDR, and SIEM provide complete visibility across complex attack surfaces, detect threats in real-time, and enable rapid response to incidents.
Praesidium provides Network detection and response (NDR) solutions delivering providing complete visibility inside the network, where SIEM and EDR lack visibility, and where adversaries expand their reach, exploit internal resources, and ultimately cause the most damage.
NDR solutions offer the advanced Network Traffic Analysis (NTA) functionalities needed to eliminate the EDR and SIEM tools’ blind spots.

Complete Visibility Starts with Network Detection & Response (NDR)

Our team provides the increased visibility and monitors your organization’s network in real-time. to eliminates blind spots and detect and reduce your response time to advanced persistent threats (APTs).
Early detection and response in the cyberattack lifecycle are essential elements to achieve rapid and accurate threat detection and effectively respond to damaging cyberattacks once your infrastructure is compromised.
Our team manages, processes, analyzes and enriches the vast amounts of networking activities log data generated by the disparate, distributed systems on your network, filtering relevant compromise indicators through the noise and quickly zero in on potentially damaging data breaches and threats.